Mita Vain is a writer, director, producer, actress, model, entrepreneur…or just a creative soul. Her work is displayed here in various forms for you to view and I’m sure she’d appreciate your feedback and support. She likes working with local talent and anyone who thinks beyond “the norm”. Her passion is writing but she was blessed to be able to tell stories in many formats, including cinematography.

Mita has worked with several actors and independent artists throughout Chicago and LA and she loves the energy they bring to the project. She hopes to one day bring her novels to the screen, but for now, she’s focused on building her portfolio with amazing imagery.

Take a look for yourself!

Mini Documentary – “My America vs. Your America”

“Discover the difference between our worlds and learn how racism, sexism and abuse at the hands of those sworn to protect us, should unite us and what organizations are doing in Chicago to bridge the gap.”

My America vs. Your America

You can keep up with me via social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“My passion is expanded beyond conception. My passion is creating interactive experiences that surpass the ideology of regularity. I bring visions to life!”

-Mita Vain